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Crete family accommodation, Chania luxury accommodation, Chania holiday accommodation

Family-friendly establishments, whether resorts or private villas, are not easy to come by. At Villa Thalló in Crete family accommodation is our top priority. If the kids are happy then everyone is happy, and we assure you: our Chania luxury accommodation guarantees a great holiday for everyone. Our villa isn't just for honeymooners. While it offers exclusive services and amenities, many of which are reserved for top-notch Mediterranean resorts, our Chania holiday accommodation does not feel constricting or uptight. Make our Crete family accommodation your choice for child-friendly holidays this year. You can relax knowing that we welcome children at our property and even suit our services and amenities to their needs.

Villa Thalló, a top go-to destination for lavish Chania holiday accommodation, is particularly suited for family holidays, giving you the opportunity to get away from the crowds and to enjoy the luxury of having your own private villa, where you can spend quality time with the whole family. Our Crete family accommodation is spacious enough for larger family reunions, yet cosy enough for more intimate family gatherings. Villa Thalló is conveniently located near the centre of the historical village of Galatás in the province of Chania. The picturesque landscape of the village with its narrow roads, white-washed homes and panoramic views of the mountains and sea offers an oasis of relaxation for children of all ages, and of course, for those young-at-heart!

Children are our toughest customers. Our Chania holiday accommodation is prepared for the most demanding little patron. Whether you'd like to whip up a quick snack in the middle of the night, or do an emergency load of kiddie laundry, Villa Thalló is "ready, set, go!" The kitchen and laundry room are fully equipped with shiny, new appliances. But even moms and dads need to take a break sometime. Why not take your kids for a lovely walk on the beach, less than a kilometer away from our Chania luxury accommodation? Or how about visiting the hundreds of child-friendly establishments in the area for a quick meal, a round of bowling, or even some cart-racing? There is no better choice for Crete family accommodation than Villa Thalló.