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Welcome to one of the premier Chania villas, brand new Villa Thalló! We are proud to offer you unparalleled luxury services, making our establishment a top destination for those looking for distinguished accommodation alternatives, such as Crete villas. At Villa Thalló, we guarantee your stay at our new accommodations to be a luxurious and comfortable one.

Located in the picturesque and historical village of Galatás, Villa Thalló is an entirely new construction set between the raggedness of Chania's mountain range and the calm of its pristine beaches. Just a short distance from the turquoise waters of the Cretan Sea, Villa Thalló offers panoramic views of the hazel of the olive-grove covered mountain-sides. Your search for Chania holiday villas and Crete villas ends here!

Many Chania villas claim to offer the amenities that we consider standard. Whether on business or pleasure, your trip will be facilitated in terms of comfort and practicality by amenities such as private parking, internet connection and satellite TV, to name just a few. But it will also be elegantly accented by some ultra-luxurious options, like your own private chef! Keep on reading to discover how your wildest expectations can be surpassed during your stay at Villa Thalló, one of the best Chania holiday villas!

Villa Thalló is in the unique position to offer tranquillity coupled with liveliness through its remarkable location. Not too far from the hustle and bustle of Chania's city centre, with quick and easy access to public transportation, Villa Thalló is unlike other Chania villas, or Crete villas for that matter! A holiday at our establishment is ideal for all tastes; from the lazy beach-goer to the high-energy city clubber, and from the nature enthusiast to the amateur archaeologist. Anyone and everyone can make Villa Thalló their headquarters for the perfect holiday retreat.

Thallo Villas - Luxury Holiday Villa in Chania

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Maria Michelaki and Pantelis Iliakis
Address: Galatas, 73100, Chania Crete Greece
Tel: +30 28210 31723
Email: info@thallo-villas.gr
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