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The traditional settlement of Galatas is one of the most known suburbs of Chania city. There are about 2000 people who live there permanently. The internationally known composer Mikis Theodorakis comes from this village. There is a war museum in the square of it. One of the sights of this area in the Agia lake, just 3 km away. There are also taverns which serve well-cooked food, and mini markets. The beauty of the nature of the cretan landscape offers to the visitor the ability of having any tourism activities. The village is near to beautiful beaches. There is also quick access to the major road which lets you visit all the sights of the prefecture and the city of Chania. Finally, quick access to the local transport is provided.

If you prefer to limit yourself to the surrounding area, you will find enough to do to fill your days. One of the main tourist attractions is the Samaria Gorge. Your Chania vacation wouldn't be complete without the 5-hour trek through this world-class canyon. Enjoy magnificent views of the White Mountains, come into closer contact with the local endangered goat species "kri-kri", and reward yourself by sipping into the turquoise waters of the Libyan Sea. Choosing Villa Thallo for your Crete accommodation makes all this and more a reality.

Thallo Villas - Luxury Holiday Villa in Chania

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